To the Editor:

When our economy reopens post-Covid-19, the economic landscape will have fundamentally changed and principally so for the working men and women in New Jersey and throughout the entire United States. For years, we have been told that Democrats and progressives are the ones who stand up for workers rights. But as the son whose mother was a proud and active union member during her working career (and she was a proud Republican!), I'd like to set that narrative straight. Progressive companies have been taking advantage of working men and women for years and many liberal political leaders have looked the other way due to the campaign donations that they receive from these companies. In addition, many progressive political champions have simply taken for granted the working men and women in New Jersey and have simply expected that union members would vote their way. Allow me to provide evidence that working men and women in New Jersey have a better alternative than to simply continue being taken for granted by many progressive leaders.

Let's start with liberal stalwart Amazon. They are so anti-union that they don't even hide their disdain for those who might be supportive of union causes. For example, an Amazon training video says that "we do not believe that unions are in the best interest of our customers or shareholders." And when Amazon workers in Staten Island tried to unionize, they were stopped cold by Amazon's corporate offices and the lead organizer was abruptly fired! I don't hear Nancy Pelosi or Gov. Murphy, two supposed stalwarts of the union movement, demanding Amazon change its ways or coming to the aid of the workers they claim to be looking out for. Gov. Murphy won't hesitate to send out a press release when Amazon opens a new distribution center in New Jersey, but he's mysteriously silent when our incredibly talented workforce is taken advantage of by Amazon.

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Another example of the left's hypocrisy of protecting workers is their love-affair with Whole Foods. They have what they call "heat maps" to monitor any potential unionizing activities, so they can be stopped before they even get off the ground. Once again, we know that many of Gov. Murphy's mega-donors love to shop at Whole Foods, but they (and he) are mysteriously silent when that same clerk in a Whole Foods store is looking for a fair shake.

Target, another progressive icon, has been a well-known opponent of unionization for years and has been ruthless in shutting down unionization efforts. Target has been known to prohibit labor buttons to be worn in its stores and from preventing its employees from speaking favorably about unions on social media. In addition, it has never hidden the fact it has even used the threat of termination against pro-union employees.

My goal in highlighting all of this is simple: its time for union members to give the Republican Party a chance. I'm not saying that unions would get everything they want when negotiating with a Republican administration, but what I am saying is that union members will be treated with respect by the GOP. Union members will not be harassed or threatened when dealing with the GOP. And finally, I want every union member reading this to know that the GOP will never take you for granted like our progressive counterparts have done for years.


John Giotis

Raritan Township