To the Editor:

I am a Democrat and have lived in Raritan Township for 37 years. Each election I get my hopes up, contribute and support the party candidate and with, only a few exceptions nothing changes. The freeholder board is one party and the township committee is all one party. I feel like the colonists felt when they protested by throwing the tea in Boston Harbor. We Democrats have “taxation without representation” in Hunterdon County.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the offices of freeholder, township committee and the President of the United States and I don’t disrespect the office holders because they are the opposing party. However, respecting the office does not mean I respect the individual that holds the office. That is certainly true of the office of President. It is very hard to respect a person who makes racist remarks, sexist remarks and fails to tell the truth. He certainly is the most inarticulate President I have seen in my lifetime, and that is saying a mouthful, considering we had George W. Bush for eight years.  

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Yet Hunterdon County Republicans vehemently defend the President for the great job he is doing. The Hunterdon County Republicans support a freeholder that ran off the road, passed out, was under the influence and got away with it. These are the people Hunterdon County Republicans support. Why? Because they are Republicans.

The problem I see is two-fold. Democrats campaign on the issues. Republicans make it standard operating procedure, SOP, to sling mud. The Republican freeholders and the county Republican party constantly attack our congressman and the governor with supposition and innuendo. How can you criticize a congressman who has accomplished more in three years then Leonard Lance did in nine years? Hunterdon County Republicans continued to support a man that had a “zero” effectiveness rating for nine years. Why? Because he is a Republican and Republicans vote party. How can you criticize a governor who is currently handling a situation that no New Jersey governor has had to handle before? The governor is making decisions no New Jersey governor has had to make. Do I agree with everything he is doing, no, however, I know he is doing what needs to be done. That is more than I can say for the President or Gov. Christie. They would just blame it on someone else. At least Gov. Murphy is in state, unlike Gov. Christie when we had a blizzard a few years ago. He was not even here in New Jersey and didn’t come back in the emergency. Remember how Gov. Christie handled the bridge closing. He blamed someone else. At least Gov. Murphy isn’t sunning himself on the beaches that are closed to the public.

It’s election time again, and I urge all the registered Democrats to vote. Check out the Democratic freeholder candidate and the two Democratic township committee candidates.

Patrick Heller for Hunterdon County Freeholder

Kent Davis and John Dawson for Raritan Township Committee

Check them out on the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee website, support them, donate to their campaign and most importantly vote for them. For this year’s primary, every registered voter will get a “vote by mail ballot.” When it arrives fill it out, vote Democratic and send it in. Hunterdon County Democrats need your vote. Exercise your rights, Every vote counts.


John Mackay

Raritan Township