Re-elect Chris Walker, Marianne Kenny & elect Ed Morgan,

To the Flemington-Raritan Board of Education.


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My name is Christopher Walker and I am one of three team candidates running for the Flemington- Raritan Board of Education this Nov. 5. My campaign team is going by the name of “E3-4kids @ FRSD”. The “E3” stands for three people who believe they are Educated, Experienced and Ethical. We pride ourselves in these three qualities to be an effective Board of Education member. 

I am also running in conjunction with Marianne Kenny who is also an incumbent. We both hope to be re-elected to 3-year terms again along with our third campaign team member, Ed Morgan who is running for a 1-year term. 

A summary of my background: I am in my 28th year as a NJ teacher and currently teach at Hunterdon Central High School. This is my second tour of service with our Flemington high school since returning to the area 11 years ago. I have also spent valuable periods at three other New Jersey school districts. 

As a current Health and Physical Education teacher at Hunterdon Central High School, I believe that I have my finger on the pulse of both the educator and the learner. I believe I have been instrumental and successful to date in representing my constituent’s point of views, and hope to continue to provide board oversight with regard to our students, teachers and community members.

I am married, have two children in FRSD and would like to continue to help this extraordinary school district into the next decade.  

An overarching critical quality for board members we believe is teamwork.  Our team of Kenny- Walker –Morgan is the first ever Board of Ed. team campaigning together in the Flemington-Raritan. We feel that building a team culture on the board where everyone has a voice and role with specific skill sets is extremely desirable to help children in this school district.

The key reasons I am looking to serve again are:

  • To ensure our students and staff are safe and are supported with the finest security measures
  • To ensure the district is fiscally responsible with its spending in our district
  • To ensure the district is properly using its facilities to maximize the taxpayer’s dollars
  • To ensure the district continues to pursue its high academic standards

My reasons to run for re-election are many. Mostly, I feel obligated to step up again and help the community with my wide range of experiences from my educational background. 

If you are interested in having a community member with over 28 years of teaching and coaching experience on the board of education again, then please vote for me on Nov. 5. Please don’t forget my campaign team members, Marianne Kenny and Ed Morgan. Together the election of “E3” candidates will enable us to continue to provide the best educational opportunities for our children with the most efficient spending of our community dollars. 



Christopher Walker,


Raritan Township resident, 

Raritan Township parent,

FRSD board member,

Flemington youth sports coach (FRB, FRYB and HBA)


Hunterdon Central HS teacher


VOTE;  Kenny- Walker- Morgan on Nov. 5th!