To the editor,

Regarding the recent TAPinto article that quoted Raritan Township Committeeman Lou Reiner about a possible marijuana dispensary being located in his town, I crack up every time he opens his mouth and plants his pseudo-conservative foot in it.

According to the article, this staunch conservative Republican who blathers about the importance of personal freedoms every chance he gets, sticks his foot in his mouth yet again:

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“I want to state my position clearly and unequivocally,” said Committeeman Lou Reiner. “I oppose any marijuana usage in this township whatsoever, in any case. No exceptions.

“I would like to pass an ordinance to ban usage of marijuana totally without question. I’m not compromising on that ... I’m half-afraid our roads are going to be turned into killing fields,” Reiner said.

Reiner and his conservative cohort on the Raritan Township Council should quickly move to make bars, liquor stores, restaurants that serve alcohol, and alcohol in any drinkable form illegal – because it has already turned our roads into killing fields and destroyed the lives of children, teenagers and adults alike.

Reiner’s hypocrisy is matched only by his intellectual and political perfidy. He’s a true Trump Conservative – dishonest, disingenuous, selfish, disreputable – marked by intense fears born of ignorance and a lack of education.

Doorstops like Reiner plague New Jersey government, but the infection starts with the people who vote them into office. If the public wants to protect its freedoms from too much government, it needs to put its own foot to good use.

Nick Corcodilos, former mayor

Clinton Township