READINGTON, N.J. – A German Shepherd that has a history of “running at large” from a farm on Dreahook Road here mauled and killed a poodle as his owner was walking him and another dog along Dreahook Road, reports show.

Pamela Yula was walking Bentley – her 12-year-old white poodle – along with another dog around 7 p.m. Sept. 3 when the attack occurred.

Readington police provided few details, but in an e-mail today Police Chief Joseph Greco said the incident was reported to his department and is now under investigation by Animal Control Solutions.

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After the attack, Bentley was taken to Crown Veterinary in Clinton Township, where Dr. Kevin Przybylski wrote in a report that Bentley was dead on arrival.

A “physical exam shows a large wound ... coming from the wound is lung tissue and liver,” Przybylski wrote.

This wasn’t the first incident involving the German Shepherd. Yula had reported an attack in 2016 and a report obtained by TAPinto shows that in February another resident reported that a German Shepherd from the farm attacked her bichon-cavalier mix dog and bit it three times.

The township notified the dogs’ owners last year that the loose dogs were a violation of township ordinances.

For Yula, the experience has been traumatizing. The German Shepherd “latched onto Bentley and began thrashing him violently,” she said of the attack.

As a neighbor drove Yula and Bentley to the veterinarian, “I was on the verge of passing out or throwing up,” Yula said. “I was in a blood-covered cold sweat by the time we got there.”

Yula said the German Shepherd has “gotten progressively more violent” and is a “physical menace that put me and other people in the neighborhood in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.”

It isn’t clear what the status of the German Shepherd is. Animal Control Solutions wasn’t able to immediately provide information about what steps it has taken regarding the dog.