To the editor:

One of the things that makes Hunterdon County such a wonderful place is its local businesses. They are pillars of our community, supporting other businesses, civic and religious organizations and local nonprofits.

As a community leader, I deeply appreciate the dedication and commitment that Chabad has received from Joe Colalillo and ShopRite of Hunterdon County over the past 15 years that I have had the pleasure of living and working here. I know I can speak for the thousands of other organizations that ShopRite supports. With new franchises and more supermarkets popping up in our area, it’s important to be mindful and appreciative of businesses like ShopRite of Hunterdon, who time and again are exemplary in their dedication and commitment to supporting an array of all-inclusive organizations.

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It is important that, as a community, we recognize this amazing business and its intense involvement in nonprofits and the communities in Hunterdon, and that we support them as they have supported us; that they should be rewarded for their giving and care, for all who live in the area.

We thank Joe Colalillo and the thousands of dedicated employees of ShopRite of Hunterdon for their continued generosity and tremendous show of support for the community they serve and hope that they remain at the forefront of local businesses for years to come.

Rabbi Eli Kornfeld, Director, Chabad of Hunterdon County