STOCKTON, NJ - Local author Victoria Ann Davis has released her first book, 10 Cheap Tricks to Haunt Your Halloween, as a trade paperback. This step-by-step guide offers illustrated directions on how to construct 10 affordable decorations that can be customized to suit individual tastes. The book also has three additional chapters that discuss design, lighting and the haunt experience to help amateur haunters build effective haunts in their homes and yards.

10 Cheap Tricks to Haunt Your Halloween is the product of years of study and practice. Davis began her career in 1989 by holding a haunted house for at-risk youth. Over the following decade, she would design and volunteer for charitable haunts with organizations that included Prallsville Mills, The Open Door and the Hunterdon County Parks. In subsequent years she has used her talents on yard and home haunting. 

Signed paperbacks of the book are available at Clinton Book Shop and The Book Garden in Frenchtown. Both the paperback and the e-book are available through Amazon.

Davis is dedicated to writing books that empower people so that they can create with confidence. This book is her freshman effort.