To the editor:

For several years, Delaware Township has been fighting the proposed PennEast pipeline. Our Township Committee has dedicated innumerable hours in researching and responding to the impacts the construction would have on our land, waterways, roadways and lifestyle. I'm certain that the committee members would have preferred to have been home, relaxing with their families, but they made the sacrifice to protect our community.

In consideration of the dedication and loyalty they have shown to the residents, I'm writing to urge everyone to think carefully about the election that is just around the corner. In these turbulent times of partisan politics, it would be easy to use party line logic in casting a vote for a Township Committee member, but it's important to remember the long hours our members have spent working on our behalf.

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I am passing no judgment on the new candidates for Township Committee, nor do I mean to offend, but I want to suggest that a vote to maintain our current roster is in our best interest. These members are totally immersed in the pipeline fight, aware of every landowner who is impacted, and educated on the environmental impacts. This group appears to work well together and I feel that they have had our backs when we have felt violated and threatened.

I hope the good citizens of Delaware Township will look into their hearts when they cast their votes, and think about what our committee members have given up to support their residents.

Carla Kelly-Mackey, Delaware Township