My name is Sharon Winnick and I am running for Raritan Township Committee. For me this election is about the future of our community and one of the major issues facing the residents of

Raritan Township is traffic. Traffic Stinks.

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All Raritan Township residents know that we have traffic problems in Raritan Township. The increase of commuter traffic has exacerbated the situation and it is going to get worse. Regardless of what the “so called” traffic experts say traffic on Route 31 has changed drastically in the last ten years. Yesterday at about 8:15 traffic was backed up southbound from Bartles Corner past Woodschurch road and the County building on Route 31. In the evenings it is the opposite. I know the State has unveiled a plan to widen Route 31. The only problem is that it won’t be until about 2023 if we are lucky or the political picture doesn’t change in Trenton. By the time the road is widened the traffic leaving Route 31 and circumventing the traffic problem will have virtually destroyed all the side roads in Raritan Township. The township is currently spending $200,000 to fix roads. On the remainder of the roads the road department has difficulty keeping up with repairs due to overuse. Imagine three years from now.

Commuters circumventing Route 31 and using the side roads is only the tip of the iceberg. The people leaving Route 31 and using the side roads have no conception of speed limits. They race up Sand Hill Road and choose one of the side roads to head toward Croton Road or Old Croton Road, with no concern for the speed limit, on their way to Route 12 or places west of Flemington. Something needs to be done to slow them down.  This is a big Township the Police can’t be everywhere at all times.

The Township needs to take steps to slow these motorists down. We need to be proactive not reactive. We don’t want to wait and have a situation similar to Pleasant Hill Road in Neshanic where steps were only taken to correct that dangerous highway crossing intersection after two people died in an accident. Lowering the speed limit on these roads won’t help. We need to use rumble strips like on Barton Hollow Road or speed breakers to slow this traffic down, and we need to do it before an accident occurs and someone gets hurt, or worst yet, dies.Let's keep our roads safe.

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