EAST AMWELL, N.J. – Marc Wirasnik, 27, of Franklin Township won the truck pull at this year’s Hunterdon County 4-H and Agricultural Fair, becoming the only person to come in first three times.

Again using his 2005 Chevy 2500HD, he pulled the weighted sled 325.3 feet, well past the end of the 300-foot long clay and dirt track and 16 feet more than the second-place finisher.

At the 2017 fair, he also took first, pulling just over 357 feet. He was 2015 winner using the same truck, going just a bit more than 317 feet. Since he’s not changed the truck much he is not sure why the distances vary so much. A lot depends on the condition of the track: how much rain fell beforehand and when, Wirasnik said. When there’s plenty of rain shortly just before the pull, he explained, the track when compacted becomes harder, “making it easier to get traction” and keep moving toward the finish line.

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At the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show earlier in August, Wirasnik took first place both last year and this year. He tried to compete in the West End Fair in Pennsylvania two days after the Hunterdon pull “but I broke the driveshaft” and couldn’t complete the pull. He expects to fix it in time to take part in a few other Pennsylvania pulls in coming weeks.

Louis Sloboda of Buttzville in Warren County came in second at Hunterdon this time, making it 309.1 feet in his 2008 Ford F250. He was the 2016 winner and came in second last year, pulling 338.1 feet.

John Stangle of Branchburg came in third this year, going 302.8 feet in his 2017 Ford F250, while Joey Cooper was fourth in his Ford King Ranch F350, pulling the load 298.4 feet. Dylan Greene of Delaware Township was took fifth both this year and last, this time going 292.7 feet in his 1997 Dodge Ram 2500. In 2017 it went 299.2 feet.

Taking sixth was Kevin Lynch of Whitehouse Station, at 280.1 feet in his 2015 Ford F250. Alec Roberts, a friend and neighbor of Wirasnik, won the 2014 contest with his 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 and took third last year at 316.8 feet. But this year he dropped to seventh, only making it 271.7 feet before his wheels kept spinning but didn’t move the truck.

The Hunterdon truck class was held as part of the evening farm tractor pull on Aug. 22, the fair’s opening day. Scott Bond and John Nance were in charge of the fair committee that ran it.