President-elect Donald Trump said during a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal that Gov. Chris Christie may end up working in his administration after all.

"Don't forget: We have a lot of positions," added the former Atlantic City casino tycoon, who will be sworn in as president this coming Friday. “So---’in the end’ we might a ‘good position’ for Chris,” Trump said, using finger quotes.

Christie is a fellow Republican who has been friends with Trump for 15 years and spent months as an adviser to the celebrity businessman during the 2016 campaign. And when Trump pulled off an upset in November, it appeared as if the New Jersey governor would land a top job in the incoming administration.

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“There are lots of positions in my administration that could be huge for Chris. Standing behind me is one. He’s proven he can do that. Waving behind me, checking the stairs when I deboard Air Force One to make sure they're safe----maybe even quiet while I speak," Holding my chair during Cabinet meetings could be another,” added the President-Elect.

"At some point, we're going to do something with Chris," Trump said in a report the newspaper published late Monday.

“Maybe even on the ticket in 2020….Just kidding!”, added Trump with a smirk.