FLEMINGTON, NJ – Reading-Fleming Intermediate School students in Spring Unity throughout the month of March.

“Giving Back to Help our Community,” was the theme. The school ran special collections for Flemington Area Food Pantry, United Way of Hunterdon and  Harvest Family Success Center.

Students listened to the needs of the community and donated specific items for each organization. They also learned about the local organizations and their roles: United Way is a community center designed to help everyone achieve their full potential through income stability, healthy lives and education; Flemington Food Pantry provides food and personal care items to families in need; Harvest Family Success Center provides family-friendly activities and resources to help strengthen families.

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The efforts culminated with a Unity Day assembly on March 29 that reinforced the message of “giving back.” Representatives of two of the organizations attended and spoke about the impact, need, and reward of giving.

Students also played an interactive game with the presenters that simulated living on a small budget for a month. Students collaborated to make smart decisions to successfully complete the challenge.

Students also were able to see parent volunteers sort and pack the cache of items for the organizations. At the end of each assembly, students helped to carry the boxes to cars waiting to deliver the goods to the organizations.

After the assemblies, two of the organizations provided tallies.

From Flemington Food Pantry:

“I wanted you to know that your total donation to our food pantry was 1,160 pounds.  Over half a ton! And ... the items were really what we needed too which makes them more valuable. The soups, chicken, tuna, detergent, toilet paper, and beans went right on the empty spot on the shelves.”

From United Way:

“We just finished inventorying the donations to our Diaper Bank and the final count is close to 2,000 diapers, wipes and ointment and over $200 worth of other items like baby wash, shampoo and lotion! Great work, RFIS students, faculty and families!”