EAST AMWELL TWP. – There were many entries in the Farm Crops show at the Hunterdon County 4-H and Agricultural Fair and some won prizes. Except for the lack of rain in recent weeks, it was a good growing year, farmers reported.

In the grain categories, here are the winners:

Winter barley – 1st place, Tom Zeng, Raritan Township Spring oats – 1st, Scott Dipple, Milford Rye – 1st – Isaac Zeng, Raritan Township; 2nd – Jared Weeks, Ringoes; 3rd – Everitt Farms, Ringoes

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Wheat, red – 1st - Tom Zeng; 2nd – Everitt Farms; 3rd – Isaac Zeng Soybeans – 1st - Tom Zeng; 2nd – Everitt Farms; 3rd – Jared Weeks

Shelled Corn – 1st – Tom Zeng; 2nd – Jared Weeks

Here are the alfalfa and mixed hay results:

Alfalfa 1st Cutting – 1st – Jared Weeks Alfalfa – Subsequent Cuttings – 1st Isaac Zeng

Alfalfa/Grass mix 1st Cutting – 1st Bernie Beatty, Bethlehem Township

Alfalfa/Grass – Subsequent Cuttings – 1st Jared Weeks; 2nd Bernie Beatty, Bethlehem Township

Here are the red clover and clover-grass mixed hay results:

Ladina and Grass – 1st - Bernie Beatty Grass – 1st – Mike Leh – Washington 2nd - Christian Bench – Rosemont

Here are grass hay and other hay winners:

Timothy – 1st - Susan Holcombe Pena, Ringoes; 2nd – Isaac Zeng; 3rd – Rich Kulas, Stockton

Oats hay – 1st Christian Bench Annual hays – Subsequent Cuttings - 1st - Everitt Farms; 2nd – Scott Dipple; 3rd – Jake Lauber, Frenchtown

Grass Hay – Subsequent Cuttings – 1st - Jared Weeks; 2nd – Richard Sauerland, Stanton; 3rd – Hanna Schwartz, Ringoes

Orchard grass 1st Cuttings – 1st - Christian Bench; 2nd – Bernie Beatty; 3rd – Kadie Fleming, Ringoes;

Orchard grass subsequent cuttings 1st – Bernie Beatty

Here are the straw class results:- Wheat Straw – 1st – Everitt Farms; 2nd – Jared Weeks

Rye Straw – 1st - Everitt Farms; 2nd - Susan Holcombe Pena; 3rd – Jared Weeks

Following are the Tallest Entry winners. They were exhibited at the Tractor Barn

4 Stalks - hybrid corn – 1st (11 fee, 6 inches) - Bernie Beatty; 2nd (nine feet, 11 inches) - Tom Zeng

4 Stalks - open pollinated corn – 1st Matthew Gooding, Flemington

Sorghum – 1st – Alex Rogoum, Pittstown

6 longest sheaves of soybeans – 1st - Bernie Beatty; 2nd - Everitt Farm; 3rd – Jake Lauber

Tallest Sunflower - 1st (15 feet, 9 inches) - John Siliverdis, Flemington; 2nd (13 feet, 1 inch) - Dan Serienga, Ringoes; 3rd (11 feet, 2 inches) - Violet Kafarslu, Rosemont

The judge was Bob Mickel, Hunterdon County Agricultural Agent with Rutgers Cooperative Extension.