To the editor,

I wonder.

I wonder what would happen if someone apparently drove under the influence and ran off the road and passed out. Then had to be extricated by smashing the window to wake them up. Then the police found $12,500 in cash in the car. Then they had to take the driver to the Medical Center. What would happen next?

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Would they wait to charge the person with a DUI? Would they impound the money and not make the driver go to court to prove why they had the money in order to get it back? Would they allow the person to go to court in another town? Would they withhold all the pertinent information related to the incident from the public? Would it appear on the Police Blotter?

I doubt it very much. But that is what transpired when an elected county official was involved in an incident just like the hypothetical one I described.

Why is a county official treated differently than the average Hunterdon County resident? I know rank has its privilege however aren’t we all equal under the law?

We all deserve the same consideration but, when we break the law, we should all be treated the same. Hopefully it never happens to you or someone you know. I think it is time for all residents in Hunterdon County to take a good look at the recent incident and get the answers. It would be good to know before it happens to someone you know.

John Mackay

Raritan Township