To the editor:

Currently the soccer fields at Clover Hill take up 18 acres of land. The proposed project to build an athletic complex next to it will be utilizing 115 acres. 

As a 20-year resident of the Meadow Run neighborhood, I would like to offer my primary concerns about the Sports Complex proposal, and suggest a visit to a Facebook group dedicated to this issue.

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I am concerned about traffic. At the Voorhees Corner Road / Old York Road "T" intersection, both left and right turns from Voorhees onto Old York have become increasingly difficult at the stop sign. Feeding more traffic into this area without considering the impact in advance on this intersection would be a mistake.

I am concerned about opening up what are now "stub" roads (Cornfield, Meadow Run Way, Brookview Court) in our neighborhood to access these fields, turning our quiet neighborhood roads - where children routinely ride bikes and pedestrians walk and jog - into a high speed cut through. We had a closure on Old York Road about two years ago and the detour was through our neighborhood. Drivers sped down Fieldstone Place like it was a super highway.

I am concerned about noise, such as use of a public address (PA) system to amplify an announcer's voice and play "hype" music, honking of car horns to celebrate goals, and whistles and air horns being blown in the morning (before 10 a.m.) and night (after 8 p.m.) hours.

I am concerned about lights. High powered LED lighting left on 24 hours which turn our beautiful darkened neighborhood into a floodlit city scape.

There is hunting on the property adjacent to this open space, and I'm not sure how that will mesh with kids running around. We regularly hear shotgun blasts from our homes during hunting season.

Waste disposal from the restrooms to be built at the complex - in a wetlands area -  where is this going?

Overflow parking along Old York and Clover Hill Roads is an issue now with the soccer fields, much like near Diamond Nation. How would this be avoided?

Jill Drake

Raritan Township