To the editor:

On Nov. 6, the wind blew the feathers flew. On Nov. 7, the Hunterdon County Freeholder Board and the Raritan Township Committee looked the same, one party. Unfortunately, after the first of the year when the Committee meets for the first time it will be without one of the current members. Having read all the minutes from the township committee since 2012 I can determine that he was the only member of the current board that has a conscience.

During the 2018 election I found out a few things. One, the Democrats run a pretty clean campaign until they are attacked. Two, on the whole the republicans run pretty nasty campaigns built on supposition and innuendo and three, Republicans have the biggest signs.

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There has been some needed change in the county. Flemington Borough, High Bridge and Clinton Township for example. Just not in Raritan Township. The Democratic candidates ran a very good campaign and I am proud of them. They made some inroads and even with the setback this election did have one major effect. It has awakened a sleeping giant in the form of a watchdog group who will be watching every move on the Township Committee and the Planning Board. That way we can catch ethics violations and violations of state statute if they occur and call them on it. We can also watch to make sure our decorated and disabled veterans are given the respect they deserve. We will be there to assure that the roads get fixed and if there are any grants they are used to the benefit of all residents of Raritan Township. We will be there to demand something be done to make Raritan Township a community again.

It wouldn’t bother me to have a one-party committee for Raritan Township if I thought they would listen and work for all the residents. Consequently, we need to keep our public officials in line and on track and the only way to do that is to watch, listen, ask questions, agitate and aggravate. That how change occurs.

Just a reminder to our public officials in Hunterdon County and Raritan Township. We will be watching!!!

John Mackay

Raritan Township