To the editor:

In response to the Governor's recent signing of legislation restricting law-abiding gun owners to 10 rounds of ammunition and rejecting calls to address the uneven playing field existing vis-à-vis some single mom alone with her child fending for herself against some armed assailant packing who knows how many rounds is something a Politburo thug would appreciate! The Parkland, Floridian shooting was not about the gun.

It was about a "Deranged Homicidal" killer, period! "Gun Control Advocates" are in no position to manage threats, much less assess risk. Targeting law-abiding gun owners and their "Constitutional Right" to "Keep and Bear Arms" is not a viable antidote for an epidemic that has plagued America to the extent it has. Gun Free Zones need to be ended and soft targets need to be hardened. Arming school officials would accomplish both.

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New Jersey Legislators need to tell the NJEA it does not make public policy! The New Jersey Senate and General Assembly need to convey this message loudly and clearly by passing legislation making concealed carrying of a firearm mandatory as a condition of employment. Passing likeminded legislation at the Federal level in concert with State would be the best and most effective way to end "Gun Violence" in America.

Replacing all brass at the FBI and Department of Justice with competent apolitical individuals would be a no brainer. An executive order directing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to ban all anti-depressant medications nationally would likewise be a no-brainer. Sending FDA bureaucrats and the Pharmaceutical Industry a message that pay-offs and bribe money are not as important as a dire need to address "Gun Violence" nationally in a no nonsense, comprehensive manner is long overdue!

That knee jerk politicians selling their souls for photo opportunities only to penalize law abiding citizens with yet more gun restrictions in response to a repetitive, vicious cycle that has scared the heart of a peace loving nation is no longer acceptable!

Louis Carl Reiner

Raritan Township Committeeman