While the Flemington Council is trying to heal a bitter discord caused by Mayor Driver’s profane language against Trump voters, it is unfortunate to see others losing their jobs, or worse, from doing far less.

For example, kids are being kicked out of class for wearing a Trump shirt or look at what happened to the Covington High School student who was wrongly maligned for wearing a Trump hat in D.C.

The difference is that these people were not using profane language against others like the Mayor did.  The mayor at least owes an apology, but she is doubling down on her vitriol.

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Sincere apologies seem to be a gesture of the past.  It is as if people don’t want to admit that they are wrong.  Likewise, people are less willing to forgive others for past offenses.

The Flemington Council is taking the right approach by trying to heal.  That is what should always be done.  Rather than canceling someone or boycotting or ruining someone’s life, we should all try to be healers, not haters.

Dennis Prager stated recently that society started going down hill when public profanity became the norm.  Prior to that, it was reserved for comedy acts, movies and private conversations.

We should strive for a society where people can discuss their differences without the use of profanity, and where people can show their support for policies without fear of being wrongly accused and having their lives ruined.