To the editor:

A recent TAPinto article reported that "Freeholders Slam State's $2.1 Million Hunterdon School Aid Cut." Once again demonstrating the political prostitution of our all-GOP Freeholder board, the "Hunterdon Freeholders are objecting to the state’s proposed cuts in aid to local schools."

Meanwhile, year after year,  the Freeholders fail to intervene in the county's school districts to really make a difference in our  indefensibly duplicative cost of education. It's a political hot potato. Long-enthroned Freeholders Suzanne Lagay, Matthew Holt and John Lanza never touch hot potatoes - and never tackle the tough issues facing taxpayers and residents. Freeholder newbies like Shaun Van Doren (see "Freeholder candidate Van Doren admits role in government data breach") and Susan Soloway go along.

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Freeholder Deputy Director John Lanza doesn't even bother to confirm his "facts." Instead, he says "We're told" there is a new state school-funding formula that reduces financial aid to local schools. "We're told", Mr. Lanza? You're making statements about topics you haven't confirmed? Lanza is one of Hunterdon's classic "Duh, don't pin me down!" politicians.

Then Lanza bursts forth with yet another cheap political proclamation that once again reveals his total lack of intellectual integrity: "But it sure looks like we’ve been targeted for political payback." There we go again: "it sure looks like." Lanza is saying the Democratic governor and legislature are targeting Hunterdon County, a GOP bastion in a Blue state.

It's a lazy shot because Lanza supports the GOP leader in the White House for the other payback Hunterdon and all of New Jersey are suffering: Don Trump targeted New Jersey voters for not supporting him by eliminating our income tax deductions and cancelling long-planned commuter and transportation projects. How's that for "political payback," Mr. Lanza?

The article reports Lanza said there is still time to "reverse the Murphy Administration’s bad public policy that punishes Hunterdon County’s teachers, homeowners, and school kids."

What are Lanza and his GOP freeholder buddies doing to reverse Don Trump's punishment of every resident of Hunterdon and New Jersey? Mr. Lanza, isn't Don driving up "taxes on already overburdened residents in Hunterdon?"

Hunterdon voters don't pay much attention to the Freeholder board. Many wonder what the Freeholders actually do. I'll tell you. They have just one real job, which gives them immense political power that they use for their personal political agendas: The Freeholders channel massive amounts of federal and state funding to the pockets of those they choose.

They certainly don't waste any of their time fixing our schools problem, or fighting the onslaught of "affordable housing" that special interests are using to take over our local zoning so they can turn our entire county into a copy of Bridgewater. Lanza and the Freeholders would love that: Sprawl means more state and federal funds for them to spread around as they wish. That’s where political power comes from.

Lanza does what our Freeholders do best: Distract taxpayers from the fact that the Freeholders are doing nothing to control our staggering school tax bills and the onslaught of sprawl.

Nick Corcodilos, former mayor

Clinton Township