To the Editor:

Thank you to Carolyn Quinn for bringing this critical situation to our attention. 

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Someone else in Ms. Quinn’s shoes may have acted differently and submitted ballots from their deceased parents.  With a system that does not know if a registered voter is deceased, how could criminal charges ever be prosecuted?!

This story has extra meaning to me because I am also a Scotch Plains native living in the Flemington area. My work in Organic Certification relies on the honesty of the farmers and food processors wishing to use the USDA Organic Seal. While inspections are done and samples are taken, the organic industry depends on the integrity of the food producers, inspectors, certifiers and government regulators.

The same could be said for a country: without an honest election, a republic like the USA could easily be turned into a deceitful and vengeful society where a few at the top determine the fate of rest of the population. We came very close to this after our last election when officials from the last administration attempted to overturn the results of the election and put themselves back in power.

These same people are attempting to gain power again with election fraud. To combat this, I am hopeful that there are enough Carolyn Quinns out there to keep our election as fair as possible despite the many ills that voting by mail can bring to an election.

Election fraud is very real and is best defeated when people vote in person at a voting booth. This method also ensures the sanctity of privacy in voting.


John A Denlinger