To the Editor:

I find it rather ironic that any of the Hunterdon Republican Party members would demand Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver’s resignation based on her remarks. It is just another example of the biased attitude of the so called” leaders” of the county. The attitude of these officials will only lead to dissension and violence. It is also very hypocritical that the GOP didn’t call for Raritan Committeeman Lou Reiner’s resignation when he attacked the Muslim community and said they should all be irradicated. Selective offensiveness, I guess.

The County of Hunterdon is considered one of the most sexist, racist counties in the State of New Jersey, and the Republican party that controls everything in Hunterdon does nothing to dispel the image. There are people that still use the “N” word and call the Hispanic residents “s**cs" while they hire them as day laborers so they can pay cash, a lower wage and pay no social security. I think it is about time they woke up and realized that their leader in Washington is leading them down the path of destruction. He too, is racist, sexist and on top of that, dishonest and doesn’t tell the truth. I guess the Republican party in Hunterdon does parallel the administration in Washington. Take the case of the freeholder who was guilty of DUI and only got careless driving after what he said supposedly explained his running off the road and passing out. Of course, we never heard a valid explanation of the $12,500 cash he had in his possession.  Sort of sounds like the administration in Washington, doesn’t it?  Some of the residents are promoting and supporting a chapter of the NAACP in Hunterdon. Maybe then things will change. Let’s hope so.

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Mayor Driver has a right to be upset. She has been fighting an uphill battle as a Democratic mayor in a Republican county. It can’t be easy and then to be singled out and subjected to harassment just adds fuel to the fire. Maybe Mayor Driver went a bit overboard, but honestly, how much is one person supposed to absorb before they lose their temper. Apology maybe, Resignation NO!!


John Mackay