To the editor:

Regarding TAPinto’s article about politicians’ claims that improved state water quality protections could hamper businesses: The flood is upon us!

In the 24 years I’ve lived in Hunterdon County I’ve never seen politicians working so hard to take down the entire county while they’re drowning in their own political effluvium. If the State of New Jersey takes measures to protect the quality of our streams and our water:

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  • “Raritan Township is out of business!” cries Mayor Jeff Kuhl.

Gimme a break, Jeff. If that’s true, you should resign now because you just admitted you’re incapable of balancing competing interests. In the face of a challenge, good mayors roll up their sleeves and get to work. The residents of Raritan should elect one.

  • Raritan sewer czar John Kendzulak gurgles that managing the sewers will be “impossible!”

That statement in a job interview would never get you hired, John. Perhaps it’s reason to terminate you.

  • Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver cries that poor Jack Cust might not be able to build his mini-Jersey City on Main Street if the new water rules go through.

For every one of Driver there are five Flemington citizens who will dance in the street and raise … a glass of clean water!

  • “Raritan Township is the hub of Hunterdon County!” expostulates Deputy Mayor Lou Reiner.

That’s about as ridiculous as the idea Reiner holds elected position. Every municipal issue that’s beyond Reiner’s comprehension must be a Constitutional crisis.

Barbara Sachau and Bill Kibler reminded the Freeholders that we need clean water first, but that does not mean any town is out of business or that managing local utilities will be impossible.

But the best was saved for last. Freeholders John Lanza and Suzanne Lagay – who already spent how much of our tax money to hire professional lobbyist David Glass to fight the new DEP Category 1 water rules? – try to suggest they really respect “both sides” of the issue. Somebody throw Lanza and Lagay a life preserver. Or maybe not. They already spent our money to stop the new water rules.

Close those floodgates before another politician lets loose with revelations that they’re incapable of governing!

Nick Corcodilos, former Mayor

Clinton Township