To the editor:

Regarding Pulte’s new Hunterdon Creekside “affordable” housing development in Raritan Township, it seems there are 12 affordable units for sale in just the “first building.” How many buildings and units in total have been approved for this project? How many total affordable units and how many “market” priced units? What I’m getting at is, in exchange for the special zoning necessary to build the affordable units, what kind of “bonus” in new market units is Pulte getting?

Is Pulte doing this as a favor to Raritan Township and as a kindness to low-income folks?

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I ask because my own town recently rezoned a property that was already approved for 21 housing units. Now, on the same acreage, my town has approved 400 housing units total – that’s right, a 20X increase – with a small portion of those “affordable.” The developer gets a bonus of 300 market priced units where originally it had only 21! Such a deal! How does a developer walk into a 20X bonus like that so easily!

Who pays for all that in Clinton Township and Raritan Township?

Are our elected officials now in the business of granting astounding new profits to housing developers? It seems so!

Nick Corcodilos, former mayor

Clinton Township