To the Editor:

It's election time.

Each year when election time comes around, it always brings up the same issue. Why are we, the residents of Hunterdon County and Raritan Township, willing to accept partisan politics?

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On the county level:

  • We have five freeholders, all Republican

On the Raritan Township level:

  • We have five committee persons, all Republican
  • We have seven members on the planning board:  4 Republicans, 2 Democrats and one vacancy 
  • We have eight members on the board of Adjustment:  5 Republicans, 1 Democrat and 2 Unaffiliated
  • We have a township administrator who is a Republican

If I count right, we have 20 Republicans, 3 Democrats and 2 unaffiliated. A ratio of 4 to 1. Sounds like taxation without representation for Democrats and unaffiliated to me.

I’m not saying that Democrats have all the answers, but it would be more “government for the people” if there was a better ratio and Democrats and unaffiliated voters had a voice in county and local government. Wouldn’t you like to know that there is someone watching out for you too? Someone who is not a member of the “good old boy network.” The good old boy network that said it was ok for the chairman of the county commissioners to participate in the riots in Washington that left a New Jersey Capitol Policeman dead. The same network that excused the actions of a freeholder that ran off the road, had to be extricated from his car, was under the influence, had $12,500 in cash in his car and ended up charged with careless driving. The same network that allowed a township committeeman to openly suggest eradicating an entire race of people and remain in office on the township committee. This is what you get when you have one party rule.  

We can do better, but it is all up to you, the voter. The only way the ratio is going to change is for Democrats and unaffiliated voters to make it a priority to vote in the primary and general elections. If you can’t or don’t have time to get to the polls to vote in person, voting by mail is a credible, reliable method of voting, so there is no excuse not to vote. Vote for the person, not for the party. Vote for change. Vote for equal representation but most importantly vote. In person or by mail.


John E Mackay

Raritan Township