To the editor,

When I was younger, I read the book, “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck. I know he didn’t write about our roads in Raritan Township and Hunterdon County or it would have been called "The Road Traveled More" and soon it will be, "The Roads Impossible to Travel."

Every candidate who ran for Raritan Township Committee over the the last 10 years claimed they would fix the roads if elected.

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They got elected and the roads are rapidly deteriorating, still not fixed. With the proposed new housing construction, the roads will only get worse. Even the current Mayor campaigned on road repair. Now six months into his term there has been no progress. I have attended the Township Committee meetings and it has not even been discussed.

Why am I not surprised? The road in front of Kuhl Corp. is in good shape. It even has a new bridge and lots of open space. Why should Mayor Jeff Kuhl care if we have no space and deteriorated roads?  

It is time for change. I know I am flogging a dead horse but we need a two-party system. This year may be an off-year for elections but every vote counts. Support the opposition candidates. Vote for change. Let’s get some Democrats elected to the Hunterdon County Freeholder board and Raritan Township Committee. We haven’t had one since the '70s. Every election the Democrats say, "Maybe next election." Well I am 72 and I am running out of elections. The time is now, this year, 2019 and only you can make it happen.

Vote in November!

Vote for :

Sharon Winnick for Raritan Township Committee

Natalie Ferry and Savet Rosenblum for Hunterdon County Freeholder

Like Uncle Sam the Democratic party in Hunterdon needs you!

John Mackay

Raritan Township