To the editor,

In the fall of 2016, I was driving down Main Street in Flanders. As I always do before an election, I was conferring with my sister about the available choices for voting on my way to the polls. The last thing I said before I hung up, “You are going to want to make sure you check out Peter Jacob.” He is a 30 year old social worker who works with the homeless.

 I was then a 29 year old who had just returned home from a three year stint in Central Pennsylvania where I attended law school. Despite my law degree, I was not practicing law and like most people my age who love this great state and believe there are wonderful reasons to stay here, barely making enough to cover my rent each month. Peter was a breath of fresh air.

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I have come to know Peter in this election as a brave and fierce advocate for all of those who need a voice. He stands by his principles in the face of adversity time and time again. Unlike many other candidates, he is in the trenches fighting for the values he claims to embody. Peter does not just talk about the kind of values Democrats claim to hold dearly, he lives them on a daily basis.

Peter’s conviction, his policy, and his moral compass make him the clear front runner in the Congressional District 7 race. Remember to vote for Peter Jacob on June 5.

Rachel Marlowe, Mount Olive