To the editor:

May 1 is known internationally around the world as "International Workers Day" and it will also be known as the day that Donald Trump became Jimmy Carter. Because the Trump administration's abject failure in dealing with Venezuela will become synonymous with the Carter administration's complete failure in dealing with Iran. Both administrations had good intentions and both administrations planned and executed completely flawed plans in spectacularly disastrous ways.

In regards to Venezuela, the Trump administration (along with Sen. Marco Rubio) were closely advising internationally recognized President Juan Guaido in how to topple the Maduro regime; which apparently included trying to foment a military uprising. The result is that Juan Guaido is in hiding, his closest political ally, Leopoldo Lopez (whose wife visited the White House and met with Pres. Trump and Sen. Rubio)  is seeking refuge in the Spanish Embassy with his family, and some members of the small military group that supported Guaido's call to arms are now in the Brazilian Embassy seeking asylum. In total, the attempt to oust Maduro was an absolute failure on almost every front.

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But the biggest political casualty might be the reelection of President Trump for the simple fact that it appears that his foreign policy team was played.

John Bolton, the President's National Security Adviser, said that he was informed of Juan Guaido's plans for about ten days prior to its announcement and it appears that the Maduro regime was also aware of those plans every step of the way. In addition, Rubio said that he had assurances that some of the highest ranking officials in the Maduro regime were part of the planning to overthrow Maduro ... it appears the only planning they were apart of was how to play the Trump administration which they clearly did with ruthless precision.

My prayers go out to Juan Guiado, his family, and those closest to him because I fear they will pay a heavy price for this foreign policy disaster. And for my fellow Republicans who will be running for reelection I suggest you take the advice of Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell and run independent of the Trump administration; because as of May 1, 2019 you won't be running with Pres. Trump at the top of the ticket, you'll be running with Jimmy Carter.

John Giotis

Raritan Township