To The editor,

This is an open note to Flemington Mayoral candidates Phil Greiner and Betsy Driver; and Borough Council candidates  Marc Hain, Brooke Warden, Chris Runion Caitlin Giles-McCormick

Re: Proposal for Candidate Forum[s] in Flemington

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Seeing how this is an extremely important election with many significant issues facing Flemington, I propose all candidates engage in at least one Candidate Forum in front of the public. I am open to hearing your thoughts on a format: However---to begin the conversation --- here are some possible suggestions:

- Rules as suggested by the New Jersey League of Women Voters

-Separate Candidate Forums for Mayoral and Council Candidates? Or all candidates on the same stage at the same time?

-Location possibilities: Stangl Stage, Freeholder Meeting Room, Flemington Library, DIY-90 Main Street?

Suggested format:

- Opening statements by each candidate [90-seconds/two minutes] order selected by lottery
- 5-7 rounds of questions from the audience [on index cards or directly from audience]; every candidate gets the same questions, [60-second answer]; possible 30-second rebuttal.
- Closing statements by each candidate [90-seconds/two minutes] reverse order of the opening statements
- Up to three forums -one each in September, October, and November.
- Broadcast Candidate Forum over Facebook Live
- Moderated by a neutral party ---possibilities to include Curtis Leeds/; Rick Epstein/formerly of Hunterdon County Democrat; Steve Chernoski/Host of a news show on; volunteer from League of Women Voters.

So, I recommend that we have a phone conference on the issue if there is sufficient interest. I am open to altering any of the above suggestions made; let's hope there is sufficient interest.

Any other thoughts, please feel to reach out to me. Here is a link pdfto a document on how to set up a candidate  forum that may give some guidance.

Joey Novick

Editor's note: The author will be on the November ballot as an independent candidate for Borough Council.