To the editor,

This is a message that was sent out by the North Hunterdon Republican Club:

Hello Holland Republicans!

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Fourth of July is well celebrated by marching in a parade - TOGETHER - as proud Republicans.  We are representing North Hunterdon Republican Club, GOP Committee, and all Republicans in the County by marching in the Lebanon Borough 4th of July Parade!

Note that last year, Democrats were there in droves wearing matching blue shirts, pushing their socialist agenda.  It's expected their numbers will be even higher this year.  We hope to show our Republican strength and unity by marching together.

You are invited to march with your Republican friends .........

......................  Remember – WE SURROUND THEM – but we need to show courage and strength in numbers. 

Instead of joining with the Hunterdon County Democrats to celebrate Independence Day, they have decided that they would rather be political and attack Hunterdon County Democrats.

It just goes to show how much the Republicans care about the County and the United States of America. This is a time for celebration, not politics; unity, not division; alliance not adversity. It just goes to show as has been said in the past “leopards can’t change their spots."

I hope they realize the message they are sending to the residents of Hunterdon County. Their agenda is more important than our freedom. I was mistaken when I thought they would want to show their pride in America. Foolish me.

John Mackay

Raritan Township