To the editor:

As a veteran, I want to thank our Hunterdon County Clerk Mary Melfi, our Freeholder board, and specifically, our Freeholder Director Matt Holt, for the "Don’t Miss Out" campaign. This campaign is spreading the word about the veterans' $3,000 tax exemption on the state income tax and is greatly appreciated because it is for all veterans, regardless of their service years.

This information was sent out through so many different media, from the Senior Center to the VFW, posters have been hung and flyers mailed to make sure the word was shared with as many veterans as possible. Without this information, many veterans may not have known they were able to claim the $3,000 exemption on their 2017 tax return. It is important that we know about these tax breaks and I really appreciate all the hard work our county did to make sure that each and every one of us is aware. It is obvious from this campaign that our county really cares about us.

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Thank you for the information and for reaching out to Hunterdon County’s veterans.

Kevin J. Cahalan, Raritan Twp.

Commander Chapter 700, Military Order of the Purple Heart