To the editor:

It was reported on the same day as President Donald Trump's televised Oval Office address – in which he stoked racial resentment of immigrants, using fear as a motivator to rally support for the construction of a $5.7 billion "wall" along the U.S.-Mexico border – that presidential historian Jon Meacham suggested a link between the rhetoric used by the commander-in-chief to a powerful member of the Ku Klux Klan from decades ago.

“America should 'build a wall of steel, a wall as High as Heaven,' against the flow of immigrants," Meacham wrote on Twitter Wednesday night, citing former Georgia Gov. Clifford Walker's words at a 1924 convention of the KKK.

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Meacham also pointed out that when the strongly anti-Catholic Ku Klux Klan was at the height of its power in the 1920s, they were calling for a giant wall to protect America from those “undesirable” Catholic immigrants.

So, I guess what Hunterdon Sheriff Fred Brown is saying in a recent TAPinto article is we should support the beliefs of the KKK. I wonder what Sheriff Brown’s ancestors or mine or yours would have done if there was a wall across the borders of the United States when they came here - unless his ancestors are American Indians who are the only real native Americans.

If we start building walls, where do we stop? Maybe we need one across the lower part of Florida and up and down the East Coast. Walls will work for a period of time until the individuals bringing and helping illegals find a way around, under, or over them.

I agree that we must control immigration and I agree there needs to be more regulation. That would be the logical thing to do. Revise, reform and enforce. We are long overdue. Maybe now that we don’t have a one-party system in Washington something can get done. Oops, I forgot we have a President that doesn’t believe in logic. It’s not real like the “fake news.”

John Mackay

Raritan Township