To the editor:

As an educator and a child-advocate, I have been at the forefront of the immigration debate over the past decade. And while I have always advocated for a comprehensive solution, I never thought any opposing plans were morally wrong; until now!

The Trump policy of separating children from their parents at the border is morally wrong and counter-productive from a public policy standpoint.

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Separating children from their parents in such a manner constitutes child abuse (source: Dr. Edwin Redlener, Co-Founder Children's Health Fund). Second, It threatens the mental and physical health of the children and their caregivers (source: American Psychological Association). Third, children impacted by Pres. Trump's forced separation policy will be put at higher risk for ongoing anxiety, PTSD, and depression as they get older(source: Dr. Lisa Fortuna, Boston Medical Center). Fourth, this policy will not make our borders more secure. Finally, this policy will not force the Democrats to negotiate.

President Trump can stop this policy at any time and he needs to do so immediately. For the good of the country, for the good of the Republican Party which I am a faithful member of, and most importantly for the good of these children ... this has to stop and all of us need to urge President Trump to do so immediately.

John Giotis

Raritan Township

Editor's note: Giotis is a conservative activist, a Presidential appointee for Pres. Bush (43), and a member of Mitt Romney's National Educational Advisory Board during the 2012 Presidential Campaign.