To the editor,

Well, the election is over, the dust settles, and as usual there are candidates and political parties licking their wounds. Unfortunately, in Hunterdon County, it is usually the Democrats that are on the short end of the stick. The problem with the Democratic Party in Hunterdon County is, they run an honest campaign. They run on the issues, canvas on the issues and send mailers on the issues. The Republicans do not. They practice the same brand of politics their Commander in Chief practices. I think it should be called “Trump politics.” Don’t ever think that I don’t have respect for the Office of President because I do. I have a great deal of respect for the office, I just don’t respect the man. How can I respect a man that tells 32 falsehoods in one speech? How can I respect a man that makes accusations, doesn’t address the issues and doesn’t allow anyone to counter his claims or calls everything “fake-news?”

The Republicans in Hunterdon practice “Trump politics.” They don’t address the issues because the issues are real, not fake and they don’t have legitimate answers. Instead what they do is wait until their claims, built on lies, supposition and innuendo, can’t be challenged. That way the last thing the voter remembers is, fake news. Indira Gandhi said one of the seven deadly sins is “politics without principle”. It is politics at its lowest. That is “Trump politics.”

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 So now the voters have re-elected an almost invisible Sherriff who vehemently supports the President and thinks we should build a wall and a Freeholder that is accused of having passed out behind the wheel, had $12,500 in cash in the car and charged with driving while intoxicated, although it was not listed on the docket and the charges came much later. Of course, this will be settled in his favor in another county, according to his attorney. In addition, we have a new Raritan Township Committeeperson who will fit right in. He sits on the Planning Board and should be nicknamed “Silent Scott” because all he ever says is yes, no or I agree. He will fit right in with the Committee where "make no waves" and just say "yes" is the norm.  

With the 2019 election results I have the office of the President that I respect, the office of Freeholder I respect and the office of Township Committee I respect and no one in those offices that are worthy of my respect. I think it is time that the Democrats took a lesson from the Republicans in Hunterdon and fight fire with fire. Wake up, smell the coffee and get to work. We have about four months to sharpen the axe but we better start now. Now is the time for all good men, and women, to come to the aid of their party. Unless you like losing. No one asks the day after election, who lost?

John Mackay

Raritan Township