To the editor:

Thirty-five years ago, I moved to Raritan Township. It was rural enough to be rural and developed enough to be developed. We had stores, we had the Coop, we had some cafes and coffee shops, we had a theatre, we had community events and open space. Farmers still farmed and we had far less traffic. We had the race track and each year the Flemington 4H Fair in about the center of the township. We knew our neighbors and even had some dirt roads.

Now we have uncontrolled development. I am definitely in favor of progress. Dwight D. Eisenhower said “neither a wise man or a brave man lies down on the tracks of the past and allows the train of the future to run over him.” However, I am in favor of controlled progress and that is not what has happened. Little by little our Township Committees have chipped away and legislated away a lot of what drew me to Raritan Township.

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We had open space when I moved to the township. Money was allocated to fund more open space to maintain a reasonable percentage between development and rural however the committee decided not to fund any more open space. Instead they approved hunting on the open space land and in a recent move want to take some of what we preserved and trade it for affordable housing. I wonder if the committee members are hunters or developers.

We also need to control development. In the past there was a concern about running out of water by overtaxing the aquifer. Residents in the Barton Hollow, Oak Grove and Featherbed Lane areas are still concerned as development continues and the aquifer is still the same. Expansion must be controlled.

The other issue is community. We have no community. We need to upgrade our sports fields based on use and location. We don’t need just one large complex we need more than one in more than on area in the township however the township needs to hire a planner - they fired the last one - and study the areas and the impact on the residents and traffic and based on that study commence to upgrade the fields and the areas around them.

In all these issues there is only one common denominator. A one-party Township Committee that is not living in the real world. One even advocated concealed carry permits for teachers. They do what they want, when they want and have no concerns for the needs of the majority of residents and it is all unchecked.

It is time that we, the residents of Raritan Township, stood up and said that’s enough. We want equal representation. We need a two-party Committee and it up to us to change it in November.

We have two good opposition candidates. Check out their website. It’s up to us.

John Mackay

Raritan Township