FLEMINGTON, NJ – Happy Thanksgiving! Studies show that many Americans consider this their favorite holiday. That’s a good thing because for all the gifts we enjoy as Americans, it’s important to be grateful for them.

Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season, which is a difficult time for many people. It’s especially challenging for those who will go through it for the first time without a special loved one, or for those who may have recently lost their job, or faced illness or other challenges in their family. Yet, for the vast majority of us, we enjoy extraordinary blessings. Especially here in Hunterdon, we live - by the world’s standards - in an area of unusual abundance and safety.

Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to recognize that. If that applies to you, here’s a Thanksgiving assignment that might change your outlook ... at least a little. Google “people seeing color for the first time” and then watch some of the videos.

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About 8 percent of men, and less than 1 percent of women, suffer some amount of color blindness. But when fitted with special glasses, many color-blind individuals can see color, as revealed in the videos.

Their reactions are heartwarming. Many begin with wonder, or disbelief, and are speechless. Many erupt in laughter at the world of color around them. Some are initially so awed they are stunned. Many praise the Creator. The glasses are often a gift, so of course the recipient is grateful for it.

The experience is so overwhelming that at first, many can only leave them on for a few moments. And we caution you that some of these videos contain expletives. That can happen when people suddenly face the strange and unknown.

But, in an unscientific study of these videos, the single most common reaction is one of tears of joy; people are overcome at finally being able to see the wonder of the world we live in.

Yet, for most of us, we take all of this for granted. A green lawn, a child’s red hair, a purple flower – these things are so common it is easy to ignore the beauty that is denied to others.

If Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, it is a time to be grateful for all of our blessings. These include those so common they are easily overlooked.

For many of us, if we spend the holiday counting our blessings, there would be no time left for turkey. But that would be bad time management, and we don’t plan to let that happen here at TAPinto. We want to save time to enjoy the turkey and stuffing and green beans and pie. That will let us continue our gratefulness even after the holiday has passed. We think we have enough to be grateful for to last at least until the end of the year.

What about you?