Congratulations to Troop 154 champions of the 37th Aqua Camporee!  The unit not only won best troop, but both patrols were ranked within the top 10. The following is a list of the awards we received:

  1. Best Troop - T154
  2. Best Patrol overall (#1)- Bumblebee
  3. Rank #6 out of 20 patrols - Black Mamba
  4. 1st Place Boating - Bumblebee
  5. 2nd Place Boating - Black Mamba
  6. 2nd Place Fire on Water - Bumblebee
  7. 2nd Place Fun station - Bumblebee
  8. 2nd Place Rope Splicing - Bumblebee
  9. 3rd Place Rope Splicing - Black Mamba
  10. 3rd Place Fish Fry - Bumblebee

The troop did an amazing job!  The scoutmaster corps is extremely proud of them.

Below is the list of the competitions:

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Boating: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points All of the boating events will be on a timed course. Webelos will be using a row boat to navigate a short course on the water. (one adult may accompany them). Regular and Senior Boy Scout Patrols will be using canoes. All Scouts should be prepared to demonstrate how to put on a PFD (test it’s fit) and answer a question on Safety Afloat. 

First Aid: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points A situation will be presented that tests your first aid skills. 

Armageddon: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points Team up with a patrol buddy and catch wateroids falling from the sky. 

Fish Fry: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points You will be given a whole fish and a fire with hot coals. Using your own knife (no filet knives) clean the fish, cook it, and eat it without using any utensils. (Webelos may bring utensils). Whittling Chip (Webelos) or Totin’ Chip (Boy Scouts) will be required to use a knife. 

Fire on the Water: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points Build a fire on a floating platform on the water. Burn through the rope on the platform. Fastest time wins. Each patrol will need a one-gallon bag of kindling (NO MORE) to get the fire going. Additional wood (fuel) will be at the station to fuel your fire. Only natural kindling found in the woods may be used.(No dryer lint, fuel soaked kindling, etc will be allowed). 

Knots on the Water: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points Boy Scouts will tie the required Boy Scout Knots on a log in the water. Webelos will tie the required knots for Arrow of Light on a log in the water. 

Swim Relay: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points Four leg event. One each using the following; backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Boy Scouts will hand off a baton at each leg. Webelos will not use a baton. Senior Patrols – will be given a greater challenge. 

Fun Station: (Boy Scouts and Webelos) 50 Points This station is guaranteed to make you smile. 

Scavenger Hunt: (Webelos Only) 50 Points Collect a list of items and turn them in by 4:00 PM. 

Splicing: (Boy Scouts only) 50 points Each patrol will be given pieces of rope at the beginning of the day (you need to supply the whipping material). Each patrol will need to tie the following: Eye Splice, Back Splice, and a Short Splice. You will have all day to tie them, but they need to be in by 4:00 PM on Saturday. The splicing will be scored for accuracy and neatness. 

Troop Medley: (Boy Scout Troops) – (one group per troop) 50 Points. The medley will consist of running, swimming, and boating. Details will be discussed at the Friday night Cracker Barrel. This event is a blast and also fun to watch.