In a letter to the editor on May 2, 2017, we provide examples of the incomplete and misleading information provided by Williams/Transco to the public about the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE).  Williams’ Project Manager, Brain Ham, responded the next day in a published letter to the editor where he noted that the acreage for Compressor Station 206 that was named on an NJTV broadcast as 6 acres was old information and that, at the time of his writing, it was really 8.92 acres and that they had corrected the reference by the television station.  Now, in updated information provided on June 30, 2017, the acreage has grown to a total of 29.58 acres – 20.58 for the compressor station facility plus 9 acres for the new access road.  In his letter, Mr. Ham also asserted that, “Our goal remains to demonstrate transparency and responsiveness to questions or concerns.”  Apparently, this is still not the case. 

Unreadable Maps -

In June 19, 2017 letters to New Jersey landowner within 200-feet of the NESE pipelines and compressor station, Williams supplied maps related to their requested permits from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) that were so reduced in size as to be unreadable.  When contacted with a request for maps that could be read and understood, a company representative wrote that they had complied with the NJDEP’s guidelines about drawing size and detail, and he did not offer to send the landowners maps that could be understood.  Rather, he directed questions or comments to the NJDEP.  In contrast, an NJDEP person offered to get the landowners maps that could be read and to extend the timeframe for review of the application documents and maps.  Hopefully, he will be able to provide these to the landowners near the compressor station and pipeline sites.

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Inaccurately Dated Map -

In recent material that Williams/Transco submitted to the Federal Regulatory Agency (FERC) on June 30, 2017, they included an “updated” aerial map of the proposed Compressor Station 206 site.  This map was marked as having been created in 2016.  That Bing map was actually at least five years old since it did not show houses that were built in 2012 in a development on Bellingham Drive.  Copies of the submitted and real maps are attached for review.

Williams/Transco continues to provide the public with misleading and inaccurate documentation as they are currently seeking permits from the State for construction of the NESE project.  To ensure that citizens have an opportunity to review the NJ permit application material with time to formulate comments, we have prepared a letter to the NJDEP that documents concerns and requests.  This is attached for people to print, sign and mail.  It is vital that we have accurate information, time to review it, and have our concerns known by the NJDEP since they are charged with determining whether or not to give Williams/Transco water and air quality permits that are required as part of the NESE project.

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