Dear Citizens of the 17th Legislative District:

It has been my great honor to represent you as your New Jersey State Senator.  Some of the laws I have authored which I believe have made New Jersey a better place in which to live include:

- The Highlands Preservation Act - preserving the water supply of more than one half of New Jersey

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- The 2012 Solar Act - advancing the Renewable Portfolio Standard to stabilize the solar industry

- Site Remediation Reform Act - creating Licensed Site Remediation Professionals and thereby accelerate hazardous waste cleanups

- Recycling Enhancement Act - to bring back Municipal Recycling

- Electronic Product Recycling Act - keeping dangerous heavy metals out of New Jersey's environment

- The Open Space Funding Constitutional Amendment - providing for a stable source of funding for open space, farmland preservation, and historic preservation

- The strongest Fertilizer Control Law in the United States to minimize polluting our waterways

If you are kind enough to re-elect me to the New Jersey Senate I plan on legislating to stimulate electric autos and trucks, and the creation of storm water utilities to clean up the last big water pollution problem in New Jersey; i.e. storm water runoff.

If you wish a more detailed view of my record please go to

Very truly yours,

Bob Smith