Franklin C.A.R.E.S. steadfastly disagrees with the decision of the NJDOE to grant the approval of CJCP’s expansion. This decision represents the continual erosion of traditional public education since it creates a financial distress for our local school district which directly impact student learning.

With decreased state funding and a mandated statewide cap, coupled with increased district’s state-imposed spending on charter schools, the net result will be a loss of programs at our traditional public school students.

Since traditional and charter schools are not governed under the same set of regulations, it is financially burdensome for our school district which will incur extra cost due to the induced expenses of CJCP’s expansion.

CJCP’s expansion presents unnecessary higher spending on administrative functions, which includes increased expenses per student at CJCP. In light of this, the BOE needs to reconsider its thinking on revising the ‘Athletic Ban’ on non-FTPS students