Q: You’ve chosen to give an exclusive interview with TAPinto. Why?

A: While I am new to politics, I have the experience that specific media outlets may be biased. In those instances, I do not feel the news organizations can properly present my perspective and point of view. My campaign has chosen TAPinto based upon their unbiased approach of delivering just the facts, without the spin of opinion or agenda.

Q: You’ve never run for office before. Should this be a concern for voters?

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A:  We have many politicians in office with decades of experience. Has this helped our states financial situation?  First and foremost, I am a father of two children. I am middle class and as such feel the biting sting of taxes, traffic, and our job market like many. And finally, as an Operations Director in the Disaster Recovery/Data Center industry I am more than qualified to craft and establish laws that improve our state of affairs.

Q: Why did you decide to run?

A: Several years ago I delivered a series of speeches on the effects of Common Core on my children. I also questioned the impact of both Common Core and PARCC on the vulnerable children of New Jersey. While slight improvements were made as a result of the parent’s efforts, it was clear that true change can only be made through the election of legislators that will replace (not rebrand) the standards.  To this end, the nationally renowned Dr Sandra Stotsky has offered to be an advisor to my campaign’s  Education Platform.  By instituting the Massachusetts pre Common Core education program, New Jersey can have a superior education system for the children. We will also more effectively leverage the talent we have in our in states educators to determine acceptable college entrance requirements.

Q: You mention in your platform concerns about the economy and job growth. Can you explain further?

A: While our unemployment rate has dropped since the Financial Crisis, we continue to have a high labor participation rate. Many Americans have stopped looking for jobs and left the labor market.  Politicians have avoided this discussion by pointing to the unemployment rate, but the common worker understands that opportunity is scarce. Job growth does not necessary equate to quality job growth. Decades of over regulation, over taxation, and fiscal mismanagement have finally caught up to us. While our situation is precarious, true change can occur with the election of able bodied men and women who seek office not for power, glory, prestige, but for the betterment of all.

Q: Your website lists a family background in establishing unions long ago. How does that relate? Is this contrary to Republican principles?

A: The Republican Party is against sloth, greed, corruption, and overregulation. However, we are not opposed to the common worker. Many of the Republican parties’ principles would lead to an improvement in our states economic affairs, which will shore up job security for our laborers, improve wages, and lead to greater security for their benefits. While I am not a union worker, I represent what created the unions and as such can relate with the plight that our laborers are facing.

Q: Your endorsement page is unusual for a Republican and appears to list supporters from around the state, including urban cities. Can you explain?

A: Based upon the Common Core/PARCC speeches, I have supporters in our urban areas and around the state. I seek to be a representative of not solely the people of Legislative District 17 but my supporters across the state as well. Many of our fellow citizens feel they no longer have representation in office. This is especially evident when polls are ignored showing the public’s clear position on a subject.

Q: You noted the importance of the Legislator positions. Can you clarify further?

A: The positions of Governor, Senator, and Assembly have the most impact on all New Jerseyan’s lives and as such voters should take their selection seriously. We have a tendency of focusing on local issues but, for instance, our Assembly and Senate were largely responsible for our recent gas tax increase. The tax could have been avoided had politicians not delayed the posting of the bill until a tragedy occurred. While we did gain some positives from the bill, such as getting our laborers back to work, the delayed time could have been used to find a more constructive solution to funding.

Q: What’s next for the Quinn for Assembly Campaign?

A: We have our Campaign Kickoff in Piscataway on April 20. Additionally, we have a meet and greet and Bagel Fresh in North Brunswick on Saturday, April 8. I continue to travel around District 17 (Franklin Township, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Milltown, Piscataway) to meet residents and hear their concerns.

Q: Where can potential voters find out more information about you?

A: The campaign platform is located on our website.  We continue to update the Pictorial page with our activity progress during the campaign. Access to our Facebook page and Twitter can also be found via the website. All upcoming events will be listed on the website as well. We have other new features that will be released also in progress.

Robert A. Quinn is a candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Franklin Twp, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Milltown)