On Wednesday, May 17, CJCP PTSO had organized a farewell BBQ for the seniors, the class of 2017. 

PTSO President, Mrs.Venkateshan said "We had perfect weather day to celebrate the graduating class. We had hot dogs hamburgers, pasta salad, chips, cake and ice cream. 

The students were so happy that we had a party for them. PTSO wanted to reward the students for their hard work and make it memorable for them. 

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Thanks to all the parents, teachers and administrative staff who helped us make this event happen. PTSO is not stopping here but also giving $400 towards their graduation project! 

We wish all the students a very bright future and good luck in all their endeavors."

Recently, the seniors enjoyed an overnight retreat at Camelback Mountain Resort in the Poconos.

Next event is the Senior Prom that will be hosted at the Ellora in Edison. Their graduation ceremony will be at Nicholas Music Hall at Rutgers University. 

We are all feeling the joy and celebratory spirit here at CJCP.

We are happy to say that they all are well prepared for their college life, where the challenging and exciting journey awaits.