Why is Project Graduation Needed?

When teens celebrate their graduation from high school, it is a time filled with pride, a time to celebrate achievements, and a time to make future plans. But when teens celebrate their success by drinking and driving, a night that was meant for fun can easily result in tragedy.

 Statistics tell us that teens are at highest risk for using drugs and alcohol on both prom night and graduation night. Even though teens attend parties throughout their senior year, the peer pressure seems to be highest on these two nights. Many students feel that they haven't really celebrated if they haven't been drinking or using other drugs. Some parents even condone drinking parties, rationalizing that since the students are going to drink anyway, why not provide them a place, take their keys, and watch over them? Unfortunately, many of the student's role models, from TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, even parents and community members, all seem to send the mixed message that alcohol and/or other drugs are acceptable when celebrating an important occasion.

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It is not enough to tell our children to "Just say NO!" We must provide an alternative to which they can and will say "YES!"  Project Graduation is that alternative! It is an all-night drug and alcohol-free event that provides fabulous entertainment, delicious refreshments, and many hours of fun-filled, supervised activities. It is an opportunity to give our graduating seniors a wonderful memory, build a tradition for underclassmen, and give each member of the class an opportunity to pursue their future at the same time. Project Graduation will ensure parents and all who know and love these young adults that they will arrive home safe and sound the morning after graduation.

Project Graduation can only succeed with of the commitment of parents, local businesses and government, and the school and its students who support us in sending a clear message to all teens that alcohol and drugs are not necessary to celebrate their achievements. High School Graduation! Your support and involvement will help us make sure it is a time to celebrate, and not a time to grieve

Graduating Students

  • Will not have to make a decision to use drugs or alcohol on graduation night
  • Will not have to drive or worry about driving with someone who has been drinking or taking drugs
  • Will learn what a great time they can have without the use of alcohol or other drugs
  • Will help establish a new tradition that works as a positive force to combat chemical use and driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Will all have a party to attend on graduation night and will get to celebrate with their classmates
  • Will look back on this party as a very special night to remember


  • Will know their children won't be using alcohol or drugs at this event
  • Will know their children will not be driving under the influence, riding as passengers with a drunk or drugged driver, and they will not be out on the road where another drunk or drugged driver may hit them
  • Will know where their graduates are, and that they are having a great time under careful supervision
  • Will be able to participate in the planning and help to pass on this new tradition
  • Will get to know other parents working at Project Graduation and may get involved in other school-related activities after seeing how much fun this is
  • Will realize that many people in the community are concerned with the use of drugs and alcohol by our youth

The Community

  • Will know that its teens will not become just another grim statistic
  • Will learn that working together toward one common goal can make a difference
  • Will take pride in providing a positive experience for teens

How can you help?

Sampson G. Smith Intermediate School 

1649 Amwell Road, Somerset, NJ 

Used Close Drive Saturday, Oct. 21 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Clothing, blankets curtains, plush toys, shoes, and handbags will be accepted. Please place items in a plastic bag. 

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