FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ - This was a busy week for the Franklin Township Task Force about compressor Station 206 (FTTF). 

This Tuesday it will be formally adopted by the Franklin Township Mayor and Council as an official committee whose mission will be to make recommendations to the township council and to inform the public of activity regarding the Williams/Transco Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE).

This week the FTTF had its first official meeting and continued the planning of its upcoming gas compressor forum, it also informed the community about the NESE at a Phil Murphy town hall event. 

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"The compressor is a massive monster 32,000 horse powered gas burning compressor," Vinod Gupta a Franklin Township resident said. "They are building it next to the dynamite blasting quarry." "It is the worse place you can imagine to put a gas burning compressor."

On Feb. 6 during its first official meeting, the FTTF discussed potential resolution proposals on environmental, water, health, fire, and emergency issues that can arise with the construction of the NESE project. The FTTF also discussed the importance of getting the word out to residents of Franklin Township using any medium that would be made available to them. 

The FTTF also worked on the details of their upcoming community forum on the proposed NESE project. During the forum, the FTTF will be looking to inform the community on how they can get involved, and about the safety record of Williams/Transco. It will also discuss the dangers posed to the health and safety of residents from the potential emissions of toxic gasses, noise, potential fires and/or explosions. 

Ed Potasnak the executive director of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters will moderate the forum and he will be joined by guest speakers from government and community groups. 

Ambassador Phillip D. Murphy who is a democratic party candidate in the 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial race, had two town halls in the area on Saturday. Levi Sanders, the son of Bernie Sanders, joined Murphy to discuss how citizens can help build a fair economy through grassroots action in New Jersey. 

Attendees were provided with issues of interest cards that would be handed in to Murphy's staff to be answered at the town hall. Murphy's campaign manager assured the crowd, that if their question didn't get answered on Saturday, that they will be answered within a week or so. 

Over 150 people showed up to the first town hall held in North Brunswick, and the FTTF saw it as an ideal opportunity to inform the community about the proposed gas compressor station.

The FTTF arrived early and stood outside in the snow holding up signs and handed out flyers to people attending the town hall. They also encouraged attendees to ask Murphy and Sanders their thoughts on the proposed gas compressor station. 

The FTTF also submitted questions of their own to Murphy:

"Franklin Township really needs your help fighting gas compressor station 206," FTTF member Bernadette Maher said. "What can you do to help?"

"What is your position on the Williams/Transco Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, that includes a new pipeline underneath the Raritan Bay and a 32,000 horsepower gas powered gas compressor station in Franklin Township," FTTF member Linda Powell said. 

Once answers are provided to questions above, TAPinto Franklin Township will update this article. 

Ambassador Phillip D. Murphy on why he should be next governor of New Jersey:

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