SOMERSET, NJ - Parents and the community are encouraged to send a clear and unified message that teen alcohol consumption is not acceptable, and if you are an adult that condones the behavior, it will cost you. 

"We have a responsibility to help youth realize that alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are not necessary to enjoy activities or to show independence," the Franklin Township Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse said in an email statement. "By being positive role models and working together during this exciting point in teens' lives, we will ensure that we are making only positive marks on the pages of their lives."

The Municipal Alliance will host an event May 10, at Franklin high school, to discuss Proms & Pitfalls to help parents get the facts about substance abuse issues and New Jersey Social host laws.

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To find out more about the event click for Flyer.

The Municipal Alliance would like the public to keep the following things in mind:

Parents can make the difference as we address the 4 issues of underage drinking:

Alcohol is







Underage use of alcohol is a serious problem that too often leads to harmful consequences for youth and their families. 

Some parents have the attitude that "I did it when I was in high school, so what's the harm?" Realize that things have changed: 

  • When many parents were in high school, the legal drinking age was 18 and underage drinkers often consumed "3-2" beer. The legal age for any alcohol consumption is now 21.
  • Drunk driving laws are much tougher than in the past.
  • Many more teens have automobiles at their disposal and are driving farther to attend parties.
  • Recent research into brain development of adolescents has revealed that underage drinking causes damage to the brain and is the main cause of adult alcoholism.

Teenagers from Franklin are having the best times of their lives. They are finishing high school, planning their career paths, and enjoying the friendships they have grown throughout their years in Franklin. Everything changes one night after making poor decisions about drinking alcohol and students soon discover that they are living a new reality.

Parents can protect themselves and their teens by following these guides when hosting parties for their children:

  • Host safe, alcohol-free activities and events for youth during prom and graduation.
  • Refuse to supply alcohol to children or allow drinking in their home or on your property.
  • Be at home when your teenager has a party.
  • Make sure your teenager's friends do not bring alcohol into your home.
  • Talk to other parents about not providing alcohol at youth events.
  • Report underage drinking.

 Get the Facts:

 It is illegal in NJ to serve alcohol to anyone who is under the legal drinking age of 21 (NJSA 2C:33-17a)

  • It is illegal in NJ to make your home or property available for the purpose of allowing anyone who is under the legal drinking age of 21 a place to consume alcohol (NJSA 2C:33-17b)
  • Any person who serves or makes alcohol available to a person under the legal drinking age of 21 is subject to a $1,000 fine and up to 180 days in jail per person served. Parents can be held civilly liable even if they are not present during the time of the party (NJSA 2C:33-17)
  • If serving an underage person alcohol results in injury, the adult may be charged with Endangering the Welfare of Chil-dren, and may be subject to a fine of up to $15,000 and up to 5 years in state prison (NJSA 2C:24-4)
  • New Jersey Law imposes civil liability on social hosts who serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 who is subsequently involved in an incident causing injury or death
  • A social host may be sued for up to two years after an incident that occurs resulting in injury or death. As the result of a lawsuit, your house, car, and bank accounts may be seized and future wages may be garnished

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The Franklin Township Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse

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