FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ- The Sisters in Training for Life got together at Franklin High School May 25, and prepared for the summer by discussing dating violence, human sex trafficking, self esteem and sorority life.

“So many of our girls’ face challenges in achieving their full potential and just finding that inner peace from within," FHS Students Assistant Coordinator and STFL Advisor Stacy Hale said.  "Therefore, they succumb to negative peer pressures, low self-esteem, and poor coping mechanisms. Our annual year end retreat focuses on motivating young girls to overcome life obstacles, learn from their mistakes and move their focus toward the things that really matter in life” 

Hale, invited guest speakers to hold several workshops throughout the day to promote awareness for serious topics concerning identifying dating abuse and recognizing human sex trafficking as a threat. 

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The interactive workshops entitled, “Dating Violence” and “Human Sex Trafficking” were hosted by Tierney Vagts, TAG Coordinator and Arianna Cohen, Prevention Coordinator at Zufall Health Clinic. 

In addition to these workshops, an alumnus from STFL hosted a workshop addressing social media and its implications on self-esteem.

“I like that we were asked what makes us feel beautiful in front of everyone because it probably helped other girls who were insecure about certain things feel better about themselves,” STFL President Aniyah Outler said.

During the workshops, students were able to interact in open discussions on their thoughts about the pressures to conform to the standards of beauty set by today’s society.

“I think that ‘A Be-YOU-tiful You’ and ‘Sorority Life’ were the most interesting and relatable programs to me for the day that I really enjoyed”, STFL Co-Vice President Asante Harris said.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Iota Psi chapter member, Ashanti Kalonji peaked the interest of the girls by giving them a new perspective into the lifelong commitment of joining Greek-Letter Organizations. 

“These girls have truly grown in their social and emotional development and I am very proud of their successes," Hale said. "STFL is in the final stages of becoming a NON-Profit organization, where we will expand this program to others schools so they may institute an STFL Chapter in their schools or local community organizations. So for more information on STFL, follow their INSTAGRAM @franklinhighstfl