SOMERSET, NJ - Powered by air, battery and brain power, St. Matthias School 8th grade students created roller coasters in their latest STEM project.

Using household materials, building kits, and sheer ingenuity the students worked in small groups under the direction of science teacher Barbara Wendell to apply Newton’s Laws of Physics to their designs.

The students were challenged to create hand-drawn blueprints detailing the design of the coaster, gather materials to create it, build it, and then explain the physics behind the system written in full lab reports on their Chrome books. Presentations were made throughout the week to the rest of the school children and faculty. 

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is an integral part of the curriculum at St. Matthias School, Somerset which educates students in PreK-4 through 8th grade.

To learn more visit our website or call the school office 732-828-1402.