With less than a week to spare before election day in Somerset County, we have heard no public comments from Somerset County Republican Chair Al Gaburo or the Somerset County Board of Election on the missing vote by mail ballots from the June primary. And now, we hear that one week before the election polling places have been moved. It follows a similar pattern in the June primary when the polling location move was announced 1 week before election day.  How can we expect any measure of fairness in our election process when it is clearly being manipulated to encourage a “preferred” winner on Tuesday?

            You may consider this me popping you in the mouth in public Mr Gaburo. What are you going to do about it? You are on the verge of losing 3 county elections in a row, having wasted millions of donation dollars in the process with no appreciable results to show for it, which does beg the question: Who is more foolish Al Gaburo or the remaining party members that support him?


Robert A. Quinn

Franklin Township