HIGHLAND PARK, NJ - The public is invited to join community leaders and public officials in a peaceful march to honor the memory of George Floyd on Tuesday, June 2 in Highland Park at 6:30 pm. 

“This anticipated peaceful demonstration is a show of solidarity demanding accountability taken for all officers involved in the death of George Floyd,” Assemblyman Jamel Holley said in a statement. “We have again lost a black male senselessly. I must repeat, WE stand in solidarity for the common good of humanity.”

The march will start on Woodbridge Avenue (near Duclos, signs will be posted) starting from the Edison entrance to Highland Park all the way to the Raritan Bridge.

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"The demonstration will be focused on ensuring that George Floyd and all people of color receive fair justice," said Ashton Burrell, march organizer, and national community activist. We will have handout sheets and booklets on action steps that will force the hand of local and statewide officials to prosecute all officers involved in the demise of George Floyd."

In the spirit of keeping with social distancing Burrell is asking attendees to travel down Woodbridge ave in cars with signs for George Floyd and all lost to police brutality and vigilante type slayings. Participants will be able to put signs on their cars and posters out of our windows.

Burrell says the evening will conclude with community engagement and additional action steps that need to be taken to ensure that all citizens regardless of race, sex, or religious orientation are gifted with their dignity and humanity.