We need to change narratives from “third world,” “undeveloped” "developing" nations, to “natural” nations.

Implicit biases are derived from messages in our environments, so narratives and ideologies maintaining White Supremacy must be challenged.  One deep-rooted narrative is the superiority of White nations over Black nations, expressed through terms such as “first world” versus “third world,” and “developed” versus “undeveloped.” 

Humans originated and migrated from the African continent. Its natural wonders beckon scientists and tourists who visit to meet descendants of original tribes and to experience non-human animals in their native habitat.  We also know that industrialization has some drawbacks such as a propensity toward climate destruction.  

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Clearly, there are benefits to remaining in a natural state.  We need to change the negative narratives of “third world” and “undeveloped”  to “natural” nations, and superiority labels of “first world” and “developed” to “industrialized”.  So there are “natural” and “industrialized” nations.  

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