“What are you offering me?”

                It is a phrase occasionally heard on the campaign trail, albeit sometimes articulated in a less blunt fashion. Still, while it is direct, it is an important question to be answered nonetheless.

                In support of the public’s needs, I am proposing that if elected I will evaluate modernizing the Route 287 exit 9 and 10 ramps. Our present ramps cause massive delays and are dangerous. In an effort to mitigate costs to the taxpayers, it would be my intention to seek state and/or federal funds for the project. 

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                We have heard frequently the phrase “fair funding”, but to truly talk of this issue, we must speak of the corruption and bureaucracy clouding areas of our state that leech taxpayer monies. We have a number of schools across our state that have inadequate funding and yet other districts, while receiving large sums of tax dollars, show no improvement. And perhaps more pointedly, sending tax revenues to a district does not necessarily equate to the money being received by a recipient. Abnormally high levels of poverty in some of our urban cities have benefited some in our state both financially and politically.  If elected, I desired to focus on addressing these imbalances.  

                While our local councils in LD17 work towards remediating flooding in our towns, one aspect of funding is frequently overlooked: Federal grants. Our Federal government offers grants towards flood remediation efforts to each town and state. Application towards these grants can create improved efficiencies with taxpayer revenue. I would like to work with our local councils to apply for this grant money. This is both a sound fiscal and environmental policy which shows true value for our taxpayers.

Robert A. Quinn is a candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Franklin Twp, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Milltown)